Roasted Chestnut 40% White

Roasted Chestnut 40% White 70g
Roasted Chestnut 40% White
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Roasted Chestnut 40% White (Seasonal)

An embodiment of winter comfort. The deep smokey aroma of an open fire and creamy chestnut is elevated by the subtle sweetness of our white chocolate.

Pressed in house using cacao from the ene river valley Peru, this white chocolate represents one of the few bean to bar white chocolates made in the UK. Its subtle flavour allowing for the delicate flavour of wood smoke and sweet chestnuts to shine.

Tasting Notes

Creamy chestnut balances with nutty tones and bright sweetness ending in a wood smoke aroma.


Cocoa butter, unrefined raw sugar, milk powder and chestnuts. 70g