Gold, Frankincense & Myrrh

Gold, Frankincense & Myrrh 72% 70g
Gold, Frankincense & Myrrh
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Gold, Frankincense & Myrrh 72% (Seasonal)

Frankincense and myrrh resins from Moroccan trees provide the potent but rounded aromatic flavours of orange and pine in this unique and seasonal chocolate.

Infused through the red fruit notes of our 72% dark Peruvian single origin chocolate and decorated with 23ct edible gold leaf, it’s fit for a king….or three?!

Tasting Notes

Warming aromas of orange and pine needle with undertones of red fruit and green apple.


Cocoa beans, unrefined raw sugar, cocoa butter infused with Frankincense and Myrrh, 23dt gold leaf. 70g